Every business big or small is now working in the era of Digital Transformation. With everyone looking for technical and digital solutions that can ease the pain of manual efforts and automate most of their operational workflows, PRISM ERP comes in picture and ends the research for the best business management software solution.

Businesses regardless of their size look for the quality raw materials to procure from multiple vendors. Managing multiple vendors and keeping up with the day to day purchase activities becomes difficult hence more manual efforts are required by the business.

Manual efforts and the pain and difficulty in the procurement process can reduce with the help of Prism ERP’s Purchase Module.

How Purchase Module benefits your business?

The Purchase Module streamlines the procurement process of raw materials from multiple vendors. It automates the purchases, supplies, and invoices for you. Not only the manual efforts are reduced but it also helps you to keep a close track of stock requirements and price quotations without extra manual work to put in.

Features of Purchase Modules

  • Automation in identifying potential suppliers.
  • Automation in the process of negotiation
  • Automation in presenting the purchase order to a supplier
  • Automation in the billing process
  • Managing the minute details of your purchases
  • Evaluation of supplier’s quotation
  • Managing the invoices and payment receipts
  • Ease in managing and updating the inventory.
  • Scheduling future purchases
  • Managing the relationship with the suppliers
  • Quick and efficient decision making for all your purchase needs.

With Purchase Module, your business can also generate future reports and well-documented plans helping in drafting budget and expenses for your next purchase.

If your business is facing difficulty in managing the purchases and multiple suppliers because of a lack of technology, PRISM ERP’s Purchase Module is the perfect choice to get your business on track.