What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) a solution for companies to manage and combine the important departments of their business under one umbrella. Big or small enterprise, the ERP solution applications play an important role within companies to effectively manage their frequent and manual processes digitally. With the help of ERP, all the business processes are integrated into a single system. It integrates planning, purchasing inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and more.

How ERP is a perfect solution for effective management?

First, let’s understand how organizations currently work without an ERP application. In an organization, each department has its own system optimized for the specific task which can only be accessed using the dedicated system. This old school approach needs a smart solution and the solution is the ERP software application.

Now, within the same organization, if ERP application is implemented, each department will still have its dedicated processes but all the processes can be accessed through one application with one interface. The organization can manage the departments anytime and anywhere with an ERP software application.

With easy to use and effective to implement ERP software applications, organizations can focus more on customers and vendors. ERP doesn’t only benefit the work but also brings transparency in communication within the departments. Sharing the information about the activities between different departments has never been this easy.

How PRISM ERP is the best software application for your organization?

PRISM ERP is a cloud-based, web-enabled software designed for SMEs to have the best utilization of resources. It is designed to cater to the basic and latest business requirements. It is a comprehensive suite of business applications that includes the process of procurement, manufacturing, sales, inventory, and accounting. It helps organizations in saving the time, reducing the cost, better performance, transparent communication and hence, an increase in profit.

Being a web-enabled ERP software, it doesn’t need to be installed on a computer/laptop, and hence, can be used from anywhere having access to the internet. The system is so easy to operate, that it doesn’t need any pre-understanding of such software.

Now you can focus on your customers and vendors, automate most activities of your business operations using PRISM ERP and grow following the trends of the latest technology.

PRISM ERP is the one-stop solution for your enterprises to manage each department effectively from anywhere, anytime.