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What is ERP?

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”. It is a software system that integrates your business processes like manufacturing, planning, inventory, accounting , sales & billing etc.

What are the benefits of ERP System

1. Streamlines business processes
2. Saves cost, no need of having multiple software systems
3. Improved employee efficiency and productivity
4. Data security by having role based access
5. Maintains quality, since fake transactions can be restricted
6. Saves time, less use of paperwork
7. End to end visibility of transnational activities
8. Analyse business outcomes by having MIS reporting
9. Improved customer satisfaction index by providing quality products and timely deliveries to the customers
10. Reduced operational cost since your business processes will be automated

Why ERP is needed

1. Eliminates the use of manual or multiple systems to handle your business processes
2. Saves time by decreasing the excessive paperwork
3. Technical & fast approach to handle back-office operations
4. Dependency on others for different kinds of work
5. Get correct business insights for efficient & right decisions
6. No more data loss/corruption

What are the solutions provided in ERP

An ERP can offer solutions like manufacturing, planning, accounting, sales & billing, logistics etc, depending upon the business requirements

How much does ERP software costs

Most of the ERP systems are priced on per user basis. However, there are different pricing plans available in the market. Pricing depends upon the ERP solution provider.

Can current data be uploaded to ERP System

Yes! Master data such as customer & product information as well as some transactions can be imported.

How can ERP benefits SMBs

Most of the SMBs are not aware of benefits of ERP software. In the current time of globalization, SMBs need to expand themselves to grow in the market with the help of technology. ERP can help them to achieve the same.

ERP Selection

What are the hidden costs of ERP Software

There are no hidden cost of ERP. The prices will be explained explicitly during sales process

Can we get a demo on the first meeting

Typically the first meeting during the ERP selection process will be an introduction, wherein you will get to know about the ERP software. During this phase, you may likely be researching the list of vendors you would like to compare with one another. In the next phase, you will get a demo of PRISM ERP. The demo can be in person or via digital modes such as Skype or team meetings.

Who should be involved in ERP selection process

The introduction phase should involve your IT person. In the demo phase, ERP users, from different departments should be involved. Review phase should involve your CEO or Directors and then proposal phase will be done with all the stakeholders. Finally, the decision in most of the companies are taken by management.

Which is the right ERP for my company

It depends on many factors such as your business requirements. How can those requirements be mapped, what are the industry & organization-specific processes, what is the size of your organization in terms of ERP users? Sometimes, the organizational structure also needs to be taken into consideration.
To decide, which ERP system is right for your company, start with identifying your business and organizational requirements, ERP users, and technical requirements. Once you are done with finalizing requirements, you can search for vendors and do the comparison.

ERP Implementation

How much time will be required for ERP implementation

Usually it takes 2-3 weeks to implement the ERP including user training, depending upon the number of users.

How is customer supported after ERP implementation

After system Go-Live, there will be production support of 1 or 2 weeks.

Will we need a skilled IT person?

A person having basic knowledge on operating a computer system can easily be trained to use ERP software. The training part is taken care during implementation phase.

Do I need special training to start working with and ERP system

Every ERP solution provider offers different kinds of workflows. So training will be required and that will be taken care in implementation phase.


How can I see a demo of PRISM ERP?

You can see a demo of PRISM ERP during ERP selection process. After an introductory meeting with Presales team, demo will be arranged, wherein solutions and features will be explained.

Who is the PRISM ERP Software designed for?

PRISM offers solutions to the manufacturing & trading industries.

Is customization possible?

PRISM is customizable as per your business requirements.

Are upgrades possible?

PRISM is enhanced on regular basis to cater updated market trends in terms of features and technology. You will get automatic upgrades based on your contract/subscription.

How much does PRISM ERP costs

PRISM offers solutions on-premise & cloud as well. The pricing depends on your requirement, that how do you want it. It is available in a variety of pricing structures, which will be explained during the presales phase.

Is it possible to rent the software on a monthly basis?

PRISM offers many subscription plans where you can subscribe to a plan on a monthly basis as per your business process requirements. PRISM also offers 30 days free trial period, where you can explore and use PRISM features and solutions.

Which operating system does PRISM ERP run on?

PRISM operates on Windows XP and higher versions.

Is it possible to install PRISM ERP by ourselves?

To ensure error free & smooth implementation of ERP, we do not permit customer to setup PRISM themselves. A detailed analysis on the setup process has been done and a team of presales and technical persons are dedicated to setup PRISM.

Is PRISM ERP configurable?

PRISM is configurable as per your business processes. Users are allowed to configure system components such as, providing user access, setting up prints etc.

PRISM – Solutions

Does PRISM have Manufacturing solution?

PRISM offers complete manufacturing solution (standard) wherein, you will be able to create Bill of Materials, Material Planning, Job cards etc

Can I use PRISM for Sales & Distribution processes?

PRISM is enabled with sales and inventory processes as per industry standards. With PRISM you can manage your sales & billing process as well as inventory.

Are Accounting solutions available in PRISM?

PRISM is equipped with basic accounting features such as receipts/payments/journals etc. Also, you will get reports like, cash/bank books, balance sheet, profit & loss statements etc.

Which manufacturing industries does PRISM ERP support?

PRISM is the ideal solution for food & beverage, automobile parts, Cycle, Electrical/Electronic equipment, Summer Goods, Industrial machinery, Heavy/Engineering equipment etc

How can I track my Leads & Orders with PRISM ERP?

PRISM provides you complete history of your leads and orders in single screen. You can view all the transactions happened during a period.

Is PRISM ERP GST compliant?

PRISM is equipped with automated taxation specified by the GST council of Indian Govt. PRISM is updated on a regular basis when there are any amendments done in GST by govt. Also, PRISM provides you automated GSTR reports which can be utilized for GST filing purposes.

Can I automate my Procurement process by using PRISM ERP?

With PRISM, you can automate your procurement process without any hassle. Multilevel approvals and automated workflows allow you to streamline your procurement.

How can I keep my data secure?

PRISM being a cloud based solution, no need to store data on any local server/machine. Many validations available within the application to prevent fake transactions.

Is MIS reporting available in PRISM ERP?

PRISM offers a wide range of MIS reports to track transactional activities, figures to analyse your business performance and make you able to take important decisions.

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