Recently the Byteriderz team organized a live webinar on the topic “PRISM-An ERP Solution for SMBs”. The focus of the webinar was to discuss digital transformation across various SMBs. During the webinar, Byteriderz’s MD Mr. Vinay Barigidad spoke about the need for digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. There are numerous challenges that businesses are facing due to unstructured processes, viz, planning and execution, transparency and analysing of business performance, time management, data and information security, limitation of legacy systems, and cost management. These challenges can be overcome by the implementation of a cloud-based ERP solution.

There are various benefits of using an ERP, like access to business information anywhere, anytime. Digitalize important processes like e-invoicing, e-way billing, GSTR reports and filing, HR and Payroll Improvise the employee productivity, sales, and customer experience, reduce operational overheads, connect different departments on a single platform and track entire sales and manufacturing activities.

The Team introduced the PRISM Cloud-Based ERP solution, its various benefits, and how it works. The session was concluded with a round of questions and answers. This enabled the speakers to answer the queries of the audience and interact with them.


PRISM is a Cloud-based ERP system that is developed by ByteRiderz India Pvt. Ltd, and is market by IVL Global Pvt. Ltd. PRISM is designed and developed with a clear understanding of the business needs and its use in a modular form. It understands and solves the process difficulties that the organizations face in handling day-to-day operations. PRISM ERP is a cloud-based, web-enabled software designed for the manufacturing & trading industry to make the best utilization of resources. This comprehensive suite of business applications includes procurement, manufacturing, sales, inventory, and accounting, etc. The easy-to-use system keeps your daily activities accountable and traceable. You can analyse your business data by accessing different reports that will help in decision making.