A powerful tool for your Procurement Process


The globalization and digitization have increased the competition in market tremendously. Cost is one of the most important factors that impacts the growth of any organization. While purchasing any raw material or goods, cost depends on the price, quality, and delivery time. An efficient procurement process helps you to overcome difficulties while purchasing goods. PRISM offers solutions for solving your various purchasing challenges.


Automation in procurement

  • Timely availability of the goods to manufacture a product is very important, hence, speedy procurement process is required and automation in the process becomes key to success.

  • PRISM offers an automated procurement process, right from creating indents to receiving good, and creating purchase invoices.

Make your purchase decisions right

  • PRISM offers you to connect with number of suppliers/vendors and allows you share your RFQs among them. Item wise RFQ creation again gives you flexibility.

  • With multiple quotations from different suppliers, you can capture quotations either manually or automatically on supplier’s click.

  • PRISM, with its unique algorithm, suggests you the best suitable quotation selection that reduces your manual efforts considerably.

Purchase decisions

Processing Purchase

Processing purchase orders

  • You cannot afford any wrong purchase order to be processed. To avoid such scenarios, PRISM offers you to process the orders in two steps just like two factor authentication method.

  • First create purchase requisition, approve/reject as per your requirement.

  • Then create final purchase order and process it.

Welcoming goods into the store/warehouse

  • Recording your goods receiving is very important to update your inventory on timely basis.

  • It is also important to ensure that the goods you have received are of the quality standard defined as per your business needs

  • PRISM helps you to create your goods receipts and tracking the quality of the goods

  • You can also create your purchase invoices and purchase vouchers easily




  • You would always want to purchase raw materials at the right cost, of good quality with on-time delivery. To help you make correct decisions, you will need to analyze your all purchases. This can be easily done through PRISM reports.

  • PRISM enables you to generate all the important purchase reports such as quotations, purchase order, amendments, goods received, pending orders etc.

  • All these reports are available with variety of filters and customized columns.

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