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PRISM is an ERP, that helps your business in Digitalization. It helps businesses by automation to improve the efficiency and productivity of employees. With digitalization your business opens to numerous possibilities that helps in overall growth.

Connectivity to customer

PRISM software is designed to work along with the customer closely. It gives better control and helps in managing customer communication by having different kinds of functionalities. It works with customer data and tracks customer order status at all stages, right from getting a lead till closing the deal.

E-Way Bill & GST Compliant

 The PRISM application is provisioned to map the details of the e-way bill and share it directly with the transporters. ERP has all the data that is related to customer invoicing and procurement of goods. With PRISM you can easily get reports of invoices and GST charges.

Alerts and notifications

With PRISM get customized alerts and notifications based on various user roles. Get notified for all types of important transactions or activities. Notifications and alerts are sent by Email and SMS, for user delight.

Interactive & Customizable Dashboards

PRISM is extremely user-friendly and is one of the most intuitive ERP solutions. Users can easily customize the dashboards based on their requirements and can analyze their business most simply


PRISM has been developed with the latest technology built on a single unified model. It has the capability of integration and is so comprehensive that it manages end-to-end processes of manufacturing business with flexibility and robustness.

SaaS Model, Managed Hosting & On-Premise

PRISM is available in SaaS Model with Managed Hosting and On-Premise installation. It provides users a risk-free environment, ensuring that business data is protected always. The SaaS model helps businesses get 100% functionality as per the requirement.

Multi-tenant architecture

With multi-tenant architecture PRISM offers its usability among any number of users having single instance of application & database. Each tenant’s database is separate and remains invisible to other tenant which will result in high speed and cost reduction.

Fast, 24*7 access, Remote access

With cloud integration, PRISM is fast and gives 24*7 access to its users. It has a modular form that accommodates various business processes and difficulties faced in day-to-day operations of different businesses

Third party integrations

PRISM is easy to integrate with third-party applications, that you are using for different purposes. It just needs to exchange APIs with third-party applications and get the connection established. It’s that simple.


PRISM is a highly secure ERP solution that ensures the security of critical business data at all times. Across various manufacturing and other business data is critical, any mishaps can lead to financial losses. Hence, the need for a secure ERP solution which is fulfilled by PRISM

Role based Security and access to the modules & features

Administrators have the control to give access of data entry to users. Access to data is based on the user role and job requirement. This helps to ensure that unauthorized personal do not access data which is not useful.

Multilevel approval workflows to avoid unauthorised access

Multilevel approval workflows to avoid unauthorized access: For access to critical data, the ERP system has multilevel approval workflow. Thus, avoiding unauthorized access of critical data by anyone.

Centralized master data management

All types of data be it customer related, or inventory related is crucial for business. The ERP has a centralized data management module that ensures data security.

Audit Logs

PRISM maintains log of every user activity in database such as login/logout date and time. These logs can be retrieved anytime and used for audit purpose.

Ease of Use

PRISM is a cloud ERP solution that fits to all business requirements. It simplifies every part of business operation at the same time ensuring that it connects employees, partners, suppliers, aligning business workflows with ease.

Standard and Automated Workflows

PRISM offers you standard workflows as per the industry. Moreover, it also enables you to streamline your business processes with automated workflows.

Realtime validations

PRISM takes care of your transactional security by providing many real time validations before creating the transactions to avoid errors and misuse of information.

Multi warehouse management

PRISM is a cloud based ERP solution, hence data from multiple warehouses can be managed and accessed from anywhere. It helps in managing your warehouse operations from anywhere, anytime.

Know your products, generating high revenue with ABC Analysis

By having sales reports, you can know your high revenue earning products. This is done with the help of ABC analysis, a typical inventory categorization technique.

Know your fast moving products with FMS Analysis

With sales reports, you can know your products’ movement, meaning which product is in high demand. This is done by another inventory categorization technique called FMS Analysis.

Report Extraction in different formats

Accounts, Purchase, Sales and Inventory report extraction can be done with a click. Reports can be easily customized based on user requirement.

Customizable ERP

PRISM ERP is ideal for all sizes of organizations. It is flexible and can be easily customized based on business requirements. As the business grows it can be customized to meet business demands and ensure growth.

Company Specific Prints

Based on your company’s standards, prints can be designed to maintain a uniformity across the organizational documents.

Interactive Web Interface

PRISM ERP comes with an interactive web interface and user experience for ease of the user.

Reports & Analytics

Any report in the application can be customized as per the requirement and can be used of analytics.

Scalable hosting

The managed hosting is fully scalable as per your requirement. Depending upon the data size, hosting can be scaled up or down.

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