Enterprise Resource Planning, a software solution that integrates different divisions of an organization using one application. Breaking the definition down, for an organization to run, it has the departments of HR, finance, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement, and others as well. Now, ERP simply integrates all these departments into one single system that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Why is ERP necessary?

Minimize your daily activities by managing them digitally

Managing the organization’s daily activities like closing the books and too many disparate applications can be handled through one application. ERP software integrates solutions and data into one system with a common interface, making your daily communication and activities to be taken care of from a single application at any time and anywhere.

Solve business challenges with ease

The daily course of business comes up with a lot of challenges such as revenue per product or managing the return. ERP is the perfect solution for these challenges. It is designed to address these challenges.

Manage your business processes effectively

Manage inventory, customers, or keep costs in check with Enterprise Resource Planning. Your business processes need a structured application and ERP is a perfect fit solution for the growing business.

Automate Processes 

ERP can automate routine organizational processes. With automation in the processes, there is no need to do the repetition of tasks. It saves the manual efforts and time that can be utilized for more productive operations. 

Never miss out on opportunities

Your organization needs to grab every opportunity it needs for growth. ERP systems do most of the work for you so your business can actually focus on inheriting the new opportunities out in the market. 


PRISM ERP is one of the best ERP solutions to ensure the efficiency of your business. Our ERP solution is cloud-based so you never lose your important data, it’s always secured. The easy-to-use system keeps your daily transactions accountable and trackable.

The functionalities of our ERP solutions benefit your business by providing:

  • Automation in the processes
  • Cost-saving solutions
  • Accessibility from anywhere and anytime
  • Ensuring security and quality
  • Easy configuration and a lot more!